You think you can’t afford for solar energy? Think again.

As the biggest problem in solar energy case (and whole RES) people often pointing is a cost of clean energy installations. Is there really no way, which can reduce a cost of such systems? Look closer for examples mentioned by us and decided by yourself.

Jump of India solar market India is nowadays one of the fastest developing solar energy market in the world. Country has perfect conditions for this clean technology, but on the way of even greater „boom” stand price of installation. Even in hard financial situation people can find a way to resolve their problems. Great example and proof could be the story of Divuben Rathod and her family:


Due to country’s needs and limited funds, many companies try to create new technologies, which would be best suited for existing situation in rural India. Standard solar pumps cost about $7000, but SunWater and Ball Aerospace have created concept, which will be much cheaper version of this device. Price will be reduced about 80% and according to the designers – it will has twice longer daily operational time. Another company – GreenRig Co aims to provide cold storage and refrigeration by implementing on market their solar and battery-powered tricycle cart. Promethean Power Systems is also working to resolve this issue and soon will be able to present their proposal design. Both companies plan to offer prices available for every common Indian farmer. Chile invest in solar Chile has perfect conditions for solar energy develop. However, it could be surprising, that not the richest country has 400 MW of installations capacity under construction. Moreover – without any government subsidies. It is the highest value in whole Latin America. Good proof, how advanced are solar energy investments in Chile is fact, that Cerro Dominador (which is alreaady under construction) installation will be five times as large as famous Spanish Gemasolar. Another excuses? As you see – even poor countries can afford for solar energy. Same situation occurs in the case of society groups, which are earning under the national average, here you get some examples:


If you would like to invest in solar energy, you just need to search for best sutied for you option. And day after day – there are still much more of them. Malcontents need to find nowadays more excuses.


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