You don’t believe in „green” future with RES? Google does!

Big moneys and big profits

Google and KKR are making investment in six new, PV facilities (5 in California, 1 in Arizona) which total energy outcome will be 106 MW. Its not first project of this type made by Google – it's 14th RES investment, which total cost occuring about over 1 billion dollars, untill now. KKR also has done this kind of projects before – its 6th investment in RES, made by this company (some part of them was placed in Europe, like wind generator in France or solar generator in Spain). Why both companies invest in RES projects? Beacuse they are really believe, that RES its both – source of profits and future of our planet:

"Investing in renewable energy is core to Google's values-we believe strongly in making investments that are both good for the environment and good for business," - words of Kojo Ako-Asare, Head of Corporate Finance for Google

Total investment costs of new project is 400 milion dolars. As announced Google, its not the end of RES projects and partnership with KKR firm.

Another example of cooperate in RES technology field is Solar City partnership with BMW company. In this case, we got differente cooperate conditions – firms are not going to invest in solar plant, but their plan will also help in reduce pollution for our environment. Solar City and BMW offers to owners of the new BMW vehicle possibility of using SolarCity's most affordable solar service option. Below we present the comment about this subject of Lyndon Rive, Solar City CEO:

"By making renewable energy far more accessible and affordable for its customers, BMW is helping to bring clean transportation into the mainstream."



I guess, that all of us knows minimum two from companies presented above. I guess, that also all of us appreciate their work in develop of our world. I think, that no one could call any of them as a “rash”. Think about it again, when you will call RES as a “unprofitable” or not a "forward-looking”.



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