UK starts to appreciate solar energy benefits

United Kingdom is at the beginning of big changes – solar energy is becoming more and more popular. According to ideas of Minister of State of Climate Change - Greg Barker, solar energy's influence could be bigger than anyone expected.


New strategy

Recently Barker started new solar power strategy which can bring significant changes in British solar energy market. Since the beginning there have been also some opposite opinions, which could influence on implementation of the strategy.
We would like to present you some statistics about solar energy in UK below:
- there are 500 000 households using solar energy
- number of large solar farms has doubled during first quarter of 2014
- there are about 2,7 gigawatts of solar energy panels installed in the country
- 194 large projects are awaiting the consent and their construction
Those statistics show how fast development of UK solar energy market is. Greg Barker strategy plans can bring even faster and more impressive „rise” of solar. According to his assumptions, UK government will fund many investments, which will help to reach the goal of total 15% usage from renewable energy sources. As Minister Barker said:
"My 20GW is predicated on the ability of the industry to drive costs down to give grid parity [the same price as electricity generated from conventional sources] by 2020. That is eminently possible... But we will not get there with high subsidies."


Main goals of the strategy:

- to install solar systems on each of 22 000 English schools (which nowadays spend annually £500 million on energy consumption)

- to double a number of households which use solar systems

- to use 20 GW of solar power per year in the UK until 2020

- to install 1 GW of solar panels on government's estates

WilS this ambitious plan be really implemented? Will UK become another solar industry potentate soon, chasing countries such as Germany? What do you think about this?



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