Summary of the latest solar energy news

Great changes in the solar energy world continue – the news about new projects and increasing solar installations capacity come from every corner of the world. Let's take a closer look into plans of some of the most progressive countries in solar energy investments nowadays.


USA shows supremacy again

Barack Obama has decided to launch new project which should encourage institutions and government bodies to install more solar systems capacity. Major goal of federal granting is to reach number of six million households powered by solar energy by 2020. According to the White House statement, nowadays energy generated from solar power can support 2.2 million households.


Chinese giant looks towards solar energy

"China will wage a war against smog weather and step up ecological protection measures by further saving energy and cutting emissions" - said Chinese Premier Li Kegiang to the members of the National Energy Commission.

These obligations will bring China on the new path in their energy mix – the country plans to move over to RES direction and also – nuclear power. Such an important decision could be caused by the report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. According to information provided by the report, Chinese agriculture could be threatened by pollution emitted by the country industry sector.


Pakistan plans to be a region leader in solar energy production

Pakistan is going to build one of the biggest solar energy parks in the world in order to solve the problems with energy in the country. The project will be placed in Cholistan desert and will generate 1000 megawatts of electricity per day. Private investments will also take part in the park to reach higher electricity production. For example, Safe Solar Power plans to build 10 MW installation in the park area.


General outlook

Mentioned examples prove that solar energy demand is growing each year, all over the world. Nowadays, not only the largest, richest, and most influential countries decide to invest in solar energy, as a long-term energy generation plan. Group of small countries trying to solve their problems with this innovative, clean energy is getting bigger and bigger. We can predict that in the closest few years all countries in the world will decide to follow this way. What do you think about this – is it only temporary „spurt”, or maybe – global change in the perception of solar energy?



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