Stadium or solar power station?

Kaohsiung Stadium – one of the most interesting and innovative buildings in the world and also - solar power station. Why is it so unique? Could it be a new standard in construction?


„Dragon stadium”

Toyo Ito – designer of the stadium has done a marvelous work. Stadium combines practical and ecological features with impressive appearance. It contains of 50 000 seats, illumination power by 3 300 lights and two jumbo screens. Large quantity of reusable materials and permeable pavings have been used for its construction. It has 15 degrees alignment from northwest to southeast, to reduce influence of cold winds (a fountain placed in opposite to the entrance, built in half moon shape helps in this as well) and it is forming a tunnel for refreshing winds in summer (it has a shape of “C” letter). Roof has rainwater pipes, which gathers collected water in tanks, this water is being used later for grass irrigation or other stadium needs (after its sterilization). The icing on the cake is the roof covered with 8844 solar panels, which can fully cover electricity needs of the building. Solar power reduces pollution by 660 tons of carbon dioxide on yearly basis and generates 1,14 GkW. When stadium is not used, it is still useful – it is generating 80% of power required by surrounding urban area (sold to inheritance cheaper than standard energy). Solar panels placed on roof looks like snakeskin – this and mentioned shape of the building cause giving him such nicknames as “glass snake” or “dragon's tail”. Stadium cost 150 million dollars and get through computer simulations, testing it resistance against earthquakes and typhoons, which are often phenomenons in that part of the world.

Kaohsiung Stadium - view from air, source:


Buildings of new era?

Costs of the stadium should be compared with its self-sufficient and features. This example show, that even big building, which has great electricity demand could be constructed in completely ecological way. Toyo Ito prove, that this kind of buildings could have also still stunning visual design (PV panels as you see are not only simple, roof installations). Answering the question form the title of this article, I must admit that Kaohsiung Stadium is a great eco-stadium as well as solar energy power plant.


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