Solar panels in Antarctica?

Many people don't believe in future of solar energy. Meanwhile solar energy market is becoming bigger and getting wider range of the world's influence. It's even starting to conquer Antarctica!


Solar - „impossible means nothing”

Large group of grumblers predicts that solar „boom” will end soon. They often point out low efficiency, high price and lack of opportunities to obtain energy. Again, solar world technology proves, how much they are wrong. Sunpreme panels are used as a main source of energy in science station at the South Pool (IceCube Neutrino Observatory) – they already pass the endurance tests and can handle even -60 C temperature! Sunpreme PV panels are made of double glass and equipped with high performance Hybrid Cell Technology (HCT) cells. As said Dr. Ashok K Sinha, CEO and Chairman of Sunpreme:
"This is a gratifying milestone we have achieved in close partnership with the University of Wisconsin at their Physical Sciences Laboratory as it validates our modules design strategy for extreme ruggedness combined with outstanding aesthetics"
We should also add that it is another milestone for solar technology – such innovative, highly efficient and above all durable panels could provide solar energy to every corner of the world, regardless of it's climate and hard weather conditions.


Sunpreme of grumblers

If solar technology can get to the Antarctica and works there correctly and cost-effectively, is it still necessary to prove, that it is also possible for every common man in every corner of the world? We should also remember, that Sunpreme panels are neither the first nor the last of interesting and useful solar inventions. So – what do you think about this – will solar market stop it's growth, as malcontents predict or maybe it's just a warming up and it will change our world for more sunny and friendly environment to live for us all? 


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