Solar energy conspiracy theory – RES in Poland

It seems that problems connected with RES law in Poland have not ended yet – bill still has not been released. In the meantime the report about Polish coal sector and high government subsidies was published. What do these things mean for solar energy in Poland?


Never ending story

Project of RES law is still in progress – Polish government needs to get acceptance of EU Commission and it could be implemented in the year after it. It is another delay for home solar market and potential consumers who would like to invest in this clean energy.
During the debate „RES: end of battle?” all participants agreed, that there was a need for investment in RES development in Poland, but vice-chairman of URE (Office of Energy Regulation) claims that it is also important to balance a funding of standard energy sources. In his opinion, this is the best way to gradually move over to RES, maintaining stable situation at the same time.


Controversial Greenpeace report

Information published by Greenpeace proves that Polish coal mining and energy sectors have been supported by government for many years– from 1990 to 2012 it spent about 170 billions PLN, whereas in the same time only 12 billions went for RES.
These news have opened a public discussion about energy market in Poland. Many people believe that such an unbalanced financing is caused by huge deals behind-the-scenes between politicians and prime energy companies in the country. Many clean energy followers claim that this is the biggest, real problem in implementing RES and subsidies in Poland.
Even the latest RES law which was created to give opportunities for renewable energy in Poland is criticized now for being a benefit of only large companies which are able to invest their money in such a risky way. For household owners it would be a chance for cheaper energy, but it is still not enough incentive for creating larger installations by this numerous group of solar energy potential users.



As the title suggests – is there really any group of energy market holders who do not want to allow for a change in the strategy of domestic electricity production? How long will Poland wait for its own, complete, and RES - friendly law? What do you think about that? 


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