Review of news from solar world technology

In this article we would like to share with you some of the latest news from the solar world technology. You can find out what interesting have happened recently regarding development of solutions for solar industry. Would it be future tools which are to support greater efficiency and the harvest of solar energy?


Ecoppia cleaning robots

Ketura Sun solar park in Israel (Negev desert) has implemented new cleaning systems created by Ecoppia company. 100 centrally – controlled E4 robots clenas solar arrays in the night, providing their maximum efficiency during the day. This method allows to optimize LCOE, save environment from negative ecological impact from usage of existing cleaning solutions (manual and water – based), and also reduce time and funds needed for this aim so far. Dust and dirt can reduce efficiency of solar panels even by 35%, so it is necessary to clean them regularly. Ecoppia system gets the certification of Suntech – one of the leading solar panels manufacturers who considers to implement this solution in every power stations created by the company all over the world.


PVM210 – new handy tool for fitters

Megger Aids has created new, useful tool for optimization of solar panels placement. This small device is a solar detector and meter at the same time. You can hold it in one hand while engineer is taking measurement of insolation. It helps to decide where the best place to install solar panels arrays is. After installation, tool can be used to check conjunction of short circuit current with compatible multimeter or clamp meter.


New kind of solar cells which are glowing in the night?

Perovskite – new material with interesting features. It could generate electricity from the light as well as light from the electricity. Scientists claims that it could be a possible source to get cheap, high efficiency solar cells, and may be used in the production of laser. They propose many ideas of Perovskite use, for example as an advertisement which generates electricity during the day and glows in the night, shop front's glass, or in the construction of bus stops, etc. It would be profitable for the owner of this technology – he would benefit during day and night from one material, while taking into account its small price. There is one more important value of the Perovskite – it can emit wide range of colors depending on the industrial treatment of material composition.

The number of technologies supporting solar market products is still growing, making solar energy harvest systems more efficient, cheaper and easier to install. Will solar industry market become as popular as standard energy sources and make even greater impact on our clean future than it does nowadays? How much time would you expect such a big change may take?


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