Review of latest news from world of solar energy

The impact of solar energy on the world is still growing. Today we will mention examples of solar energy usage from several places all over the globe. Just look how many things are to achieve thanks to solar technology implementation!


Solar panels to reduce water evaporation in Australia

According to words of Felicia Whiting, director of Geits ANZ company, using floating solar panels could prevent evaporation of 90 percent of water in Australia. At the same time, it can be even 50% more efficient in solar energy harvest than standard, land standing installations. Such solution have already worked in France, Korea and Italy, where it was constructed by ANZ parent company.

Solar arrays covering the reservoir would shade it and water would play the role of cooling system, providing the right temperature for whole system in hot climate of South Australia, where the installation of first this kind systems in the country is planned.


Solar energy in Scandinavia

„Powerhouse Kjørbo” - the first building in the world (as its designers claim - architectural office Snøhetta) which after refit will be producing more energy than it will consume. It will be possible to achieve thanks to installation of solar arrays which will produce even twice as much energy as building needs. Powerhouse Kjørbo will produce annually over 200 000 kWh.

The construction of this project involved 7 companies to cooperate: Snøhetta, Asplan Viak, Entra, Skanska Hydro, Sapa and ZERO (which is environmental organization).


RES has created 6 million jobs

It is not a joke! According to IRENA report, 6,5 million people (2013) found employment in RES industry and this number is rising with every year. USA, China and Brazil are on the top of the list, but in other countries this statistic is also significant. Most popular sectors of RES industry are: solar, wind and biofuels.

Since 2012 this number increased by almost 1 million and it is expected that by the end of 2014 it can be increased by 2-3 million jobs connected with RES. As Adnan Ami (Director-General of IRENA) said in his statement:

"The renewable energy sector is proving that it is no longer a niche, it has become a significant employer worldwide"


Not only solar energy harvest

Solar energy, same as all RES, has evolved. It is no more about harvesting energy only, it is also part of many latest inventions and energy efficiency building projects, innovative industry which created jobs for many people. We can also see it as a sign of changes in global society awareness, tending to resolve problems of our planet in ecological way.



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