Pure tension pavilon – unique PV technology.

New solution, bright future of communication and PV technology, or just interesting idea? Is it really unique technology? Pure Tension Pavilion – can it change our world?



Volvo Car Italia develop for their new car Volvo V60 (hybrid electric car), interesting invention called Pure Tension Pavilion a portable car charger. It has light, elastic membrane skin and rigid perimeter frame. It could be installed and packed back from care trunk in less than 1 hour, by 2 or 3 people. It is made from 252 PV panels, forming it external shape. Pure Tension Pavilion can recharge fully depleted car battery in 12 hours, with optimum sun radiation. MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) disable PV cells, which are not collecting appropriate power level, ensuring that system is generating as much energy, as its possible. Pavilion PV structure is the result of researches the optimal intensive solar incidence analysis.
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Other ideas

Pure Tension Pavilion is not the only attempt of searching for PV technology application. In almost every country we can find some information about similar inventions. For example, in Poland exists PV sheds for cars and picnic areas. The difference lays in their properties – they are not portable and don't have such spectacular, innovative look. They have more stable structure – adapted to harsher Polish climate: they can resist wind blowing with 180k/h speed, thick layer of snow (their construction causes sliding of snow for maximal energy efficiency).

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In many countries occurred idea to place PV panels systems onto electric buses, assuring them constantly supply of energy. Another example from our country (Poland):

Its clear that even in Poland (which is not the most climate adapted country for such PV technology) appear this kind of PV technology solutions, they will be developed for larger scale in other, more adapted for it countries (like Italy for example).


Future of PV technology

Its very possible that, in short time mankind will turn back on wide scale into PV technology. Constantly rising prices of standard energy sources, their uncertain market and many new, brilliant PV technology inventions (like even mentioned Pure Tension Pavilion) seems to indicate this. Sun will still shine and, who does not want his own, independent, stable and even mobile (like in Pure Tension Pavilion case), free energy source? 


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