Latest PV panels technology

Solar technology goes further with every year. We described basic types of PV panels in previous article, this time we would like to present you the lastest invention in PV technology – DSC cells, called III generation of PV cells.


How does it work?

DSC (or DSSC, DYSC) stands for dye-sensitized solar cell, which is using idea borrowed right from the nature – photosynthesis. It contains synthetic dye, which is equivalent of plant's chlorophyll. This kind of solar cells allows to harvest energy from solar radiation even in hardest climate conditions, when other kind of panels would be totally useless. DSC cells are also almost completely transparent and works even in moderately shaded places. Main problem with this innovative technology is used material – just few months ago most part of tests was using platinum as one of basic resources to create DSC cells, which is one of the most expensive materials in the world. It means, that common user of solar energy couldn't afford this technology, because of high production costs.


Latest solution

Scientists knew well that this new kind of invention besides it's good efficiency also needs to be sold in reasonable price, that's why they decide (inter alia) to start study utilization of graphene 3D in new kind of cells. This innovative and promising technology will be much cheaper and easier in manufacturing process and just a little bit less efficient – while platinum cells reach 8% of electric conversion from solar radiation, graphene cells gets 7,8% percent of this value. Using this new technology could make PV panels twice more efficient than nowadays, make solar energy more popular and affordable for this kind of RES technology for common user, with gaining in the same time higher profit from purchase.


Other ways of graphene use

i'Phone possible to charge in 5 seconds, or MacBook in 30? Scientists Richard Kaner and his student Maher El-Kady, who creates innovative graphene battery fortress, claim that it would be something normal to achieve with graphene technology use. Another interesting way of graphen use presented idea of charging electric car in the time needed to fill tank with petrol – it could strongly influence social demand for this ecological vehicles. Five hundred times faster, more vitality and efficient computers: is it possible to reach such effects with graphene technology? Few following years will answer on this question.



With every year we can observe, how many innovative ideas are born in world of technology. Some of them could be also useful in RES affair, like it's in graphene case. We all should hope that words of scientists will come true and change the face of our world for better.



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