Ideas for utilization of solar energy – examples from around the word

Many different ideas connected with economy, energy efficiency, inventions are good examples of how investing in solar energy development is popular nowadays. Some of them you can find in the text below.


Scotland turns into solar

As statistics made by Scottish researchers show, if Scotland had 250 thousand of roof top solar installations, they could provide 1/6 (sic!) of country electricity demand. Experts claim, that main problem is like in other countries – people do not believe that solar energy could be profitably harvested. Scientists repel these doubts by comparing Scotland to Germany, which has similar climate and nevertheless – has the biggest solar technology energy production in the whole world.

Besides researchers also business leaders and government will take part in planned solar energy promote action.


Easy in construction, light, cheap and... solar powered

What is it? It is a unique solar light kit produced by Handi-Hut company. It could be great solution for places, where lightened bus stops do not exist. It has also reasonable price of $495, while standard bus stop is far more expensive.

Handi-Hut's invention is waterproof, has 48 LED lights and solar panel with installed lithium battery. It can hold for 36 hours, without charging from solar energy.


Ikea continues solar investments

We have already mentioned several times about Ikea solar energy „policy”. Again – company proves, that it is not a lie – it is adding another solar installations to Australia retail sector. In total the whole investment will bring 3,6 MW of power and will prevent of 4,000 tons of carbon dioxide production annually.

Solar installations in properties of Swedish home-furnishing company around the world are part of company's plan to obtain energy independence by 2020. Besides solar, we can also mention for example about purchase of 98-MW wind farm in Illinois – solar energy is main, but not the only part of RES mix financed by company, which focuses on the future.


Age of changes

With no doubts, our time is the time of significant changes in the world, which will affec our future even in greater degree than last ages. Solar revolution, including RES is a big part of possibilities given to us by technology development. How will we use it and how will we create our future? It only depends on decisions of us all.



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