Household with zero energy requirement – SF or feasible idea?

Nowadays, all worlds eyes turns into ecologic sollutions path. We all know PV panels, solar collectors, wind farms, etc energy saving methods. But is it really possible to design house absolutely inependent from any source of outer energy? Lets think about that and look, what latest technology develope offers to us.


Future of residential development?

How it is possible to build house, which won't need any energy from main core? Answer on this question lays beneath many elements, needed to achieve this goal. Without no doubt it will including hybrid renewable technologies, like solar collectors and PV panels, wind turbines, biomas, and also (if conditions of placement will let it) – water turbine. Beside renewable energy sources, included in project, also matters good isolation of it space – we could even call it a „main point of the program”. We should also remember about adding other, suitable components, like: windows with low heat penetration, proper building materials, air condition systems with regeneration and something called „heat facade”. One of the most important things its also house design. It should include roof proper to collector and PV panels install, right placement (with angle) on plot according to solar radiation, compact volume of the building and minimal circuit relative to it surface.

First none energy request house was built in 1973 in Kopenhaga, designed by prof. Vagn Korsgaard. Another examples of this new technology path are houses of Dawid Branden from Ontarion, or e4 BRICKHOUSE 2020, made by Franz Schiller. Since 2013 EU obligates it members to invest in passive houses architecture and since 2020, it will change it for houses with none energy request. This sollution its not myth, its tested and it really works – household of Dawid Branden don't need any outern energy source and it still got excelent heating and electricity production system. BRICKHOUSE 2020 is placed in Austrian „northern pole” and greatly fullfils its task, providing even more enegy, than its needed.



As you can see, renewable energy sollutions develope rise to incredible level. Not only in far future, but even nowadays we can get our own household, completly independent from outer energy sources. Its also not such expensive (as many people thinks), comparing to the standard house construction prices. Moreover – we can save a lot of moneys this way (about 0,5 milion euro in 50 years term). SF turns into reality.


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