The Fourth Revolution – movie about RES

This time we would like to propose you an interesting and inspiring movie about RES*. It's not the latest production, but we believe that it's worth to watch it. You can find the link to the film and more information about it in the article below.

Where our world is heading? Who is responsible for that? Why do RES technologies, even if they are such environmentally friendly and supported by most governments, have so many obstacles on their way? How can we change that?


The fourth revolution

In The Fourth Revolution - Energy Autonomy we can find these and many more questions. Sometimes answers are not so simple, as they seem to be at first. We will try to find them with politicians, designers, scientists, Nobel laureate and other people involved in RES affair. We will also travel across the world to show how many different people, distant from each other for thousands of miles, cooperate to achieve the same target – cleaner and better future for all humanity.

Tones of pollution, exhausting fossil fuels and still higher demand for electricity – is there any solution for these problems of our century? What do the numbers show in this matter? Movie crew gather this information during the travel around the world during conversations with the authorities of RES subject.


Fate of the Earth lies in our hands

One of the greatest problems of our times – energy monopoly, which causes that many people from poorer regions of the world can't afford lighting or other conveniences connected with the electricity (if you watch the movie, you will be shocked, how great number it is).

RES as utopia of the future – often repeated by opponents' point of view of RES is also mentioned in the movie. Is it really utopia or is it just imaginary reason to push uncomfortable technology away?

All of us need to rethink it on our own and split facts from conspiracy theory. I guess, that The Fourth Revolution - Energy Autonomy brings us so much reliable information, that everyone would find “piece” suitable for himself, which will help in creating valuable opinion about this subject and arrangement whole “puzzle picture”.


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