Facebook, Google and Ikea acknowledged solar inventions usage benefits

Leading companies have decided to invest in solar inventions on higher scale. They plan to connect them with strategies of saving or earning big money. You think that biggest players can be wrong in their investments?


Solar aviation future

Google and Facebook have similar plan - to help in development of air solar inventions. Facebook is interested in Titan Aerospace technology and Google – Solar Impulse company. What will bring cooperation? – firstly we should look closer on their main targets
Facebook would like to use solar plane as a mobile, replacement solution for some of the satellites existing nowadays. This way Fb wants to give an opportunity to the part of world, which is still not connected to Internet.
Google, as a backer of latest RES solutions, prefers to use Solar Impulse work to realize another kind of idea – planes, which could take intercontinental flights around the globe. According to their goals, it could be possible even by the end of 2015 or 2016.


Ikea's profits

Ikea is one of the companies with the highest investments in RES technology. It does so to cut cost of electricity production and also – to educate and convince the clients that green energy sources are really profitable. Savings on energy for today Ikea estimates to be about 40 million euro.
Investing consistently in innovative energy harvest helps Ikea to raise energy efficiency of their shops by 8% and distribution centers by 9%. It is not the end of company's plans – Ikea set a goal of 15% fall in their properties energy consumption.
Educational undertone does not end here – company plans to change all lights in their markets and distribution centers for LED technology until 2016. Also a possibility to purchase solar panels together with other system components in their offer has occurred recently. Owners of the Ikea Family Card will be given even 15% discount, if they decide to buy solar installation.


Further plans

Big companies like the ones mentioned in this article are able to change our world. Investments in solar inventions (or any other RES kind) could be the key to open the doors to the cleaner future. Hopefully, the example set by Ikea, Google or Facebook will pave the way for others. How do you think – is it possible that all companies could take part in this movement, in future?


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