EU laudable RES subsidies plans crushed?

It seems that changes in subsidies for RES do not only concern particular countries, but the whole EU policy. Will new decisions be a withdrawal from supporting RES? How could it end?


So far...

EU had great impressive goals in electricity production from RES until 2020. Big subsidies given to all willing to invest in clean technologies make a great impact on the market's development. Statistics show that this strategy is working.

Recently, EU propose new path for subsidies award:

It could be the end of previous social movement towards green future.

According to new statements, only "energy-intensive" industries will be favored. EU's competition commissioner - Joaquin Almunia says that it will help harmed European industry.


„Green” point of view

If we look a little bit closer into this issues we can notice that by „saving” industry, EU decisions can also prejudice basic recipients of RES technologies – households owners and small companies. The European Green Party rightly called this new idea as a "road to nowhere". Without support of society, growing RES market can collapse and the road towards clean future will be lost. For now, the largest group of clients often can not afford to use expensive RES technologies without governmental subsidies. If market prices of RES systems do not fall, it will be necessary to subsidize this industry.


Which way?

There are two scenarios: we can either pursue existing way and reach moderate prices of RES systems for all potential users in a few closest years or try to save European industry at a loss in RES market development and its previous goals. Into which direction we should steer them? We hope that fast development of RES technology will bring us lower prices faster than we expect or EU will find another, balanced solution for this issue.


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