End of subsidies for renewable energy?

European Comission announced new guidelines for renewable energy sources. According to it, high subsidies paid until now, can be discontinued. Is this the end of the hopes for bright future of renewable energy?

New EU Energy Commissioner plan.

According to words of Guenther Oettinger, EU Energy Commissioner: "When the sun is not shining and the wind is not blowing, electricity must still be produced". Oettinger explains his statement by needs of European citizens and businesses for „secure and affordable energy” - to deliver this kind of energy its his main goal. EU plans to go back into gas and coal-fired electricity generating plants, in significant part by France and some other member states persuasions.


Renewable energy or nuclear generation plant?

Even if those harmful for the renewable energy market recommendations will be true, EU Energy Commissioner do not agree with investments in nuclear power as well. Currently he stops Britain dreams about nuclear plant construction, which would be financed by French and Chinese energy giants, so it is not yet complete turn to old strategy of energy generation in Europe. Guenther Oettinger idea is not approved by many of large energy firms, such as GDF-Suez, Eni and E.ON and RWE, which urged with it and maybe can make some influence on the subsidies issue.


End of subsidies?

„Dumping” renewable energy – our point of view.
In our opinion, there will not be any drastic changes in renewable energy sector – subsidies will be still high, or just a less lower than nowadays. One of the main Oettinger reasons, given as an excuse for new path of energy investment (or just back to old EU plan) are lower investment costs in conventional energy sector, which is clearly false. According to (as one of examples) forecast of „Global market outlook” made by EPIA* - both – European and global market of solar energy is still growing on high rate. Even in countries, where this grow is a little bit slower, we can notice small (but bigger with each year) positive grow. Other forecasts also predict bright future for renewable energy sources and whole market. In recent years also ecologic consciousness of society increased, which is another argument which indicates, that renewable energy sector will be still developing. To conclude I would like to ask last important question: how EU want to get planned 20% of production from renewable energy mix until 2020, when they want to turn back from their subsidies politic? It is almost impossible I guess, which is another logic prove confirming our opening opinion.

* EPIA – European Photovoltaic Industry Association


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