Czech Republic

PV systems

FiT tariff:

Available only for PV installations on roof tops or facades, with capacity up to 30 kWp:

- capacity up to 5 kW: 11.6 euro cents per kWh

- capacity up to 30 kW: 9.4 euro cents per kWh

For who?

Owners of the installation who export electicity to the grid


Signing contract with the grid operator.

In the year when installation starts working FiT can't exceed 180 euro per MWh.
FiT period:

20 years

a) ECO-ENERGY Programme:

Minimum amount: 20 000 euro, maximum can't exceed 4 million euro.

For who?

Small, medium-sized and large companies.

Amount of subsidy percent for investment depends from the region of the Czech Republic:

Regions of Střední Morava, Severozápad, Střední Cechy, Moravskoslezsko, Severovýchod, Jihovýchod companies:

- small: 60%

- medium-sized: 50%

- large: 40%

Region of Jihozápad companies:

- small: 50%

- medium-sized: 40%

- large: 30%


- recruitment ad for possibility to send applications (with specified selection criterias and methods of assessment)

- interested companies send their applications

- decision about granthing the subsidy (made by Ministry of Industry and Trade, according to Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovations)
b) Operational Programme Environment:

Available only for PV installations on roof tops or facades.

For who?

Public institutions.

Amount of the subsidy: up to 85% of the investment costs. Minimum price ot the investment: 12000 euro.



Subsidies in the same scheme, as in PV systems case.


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