Dark side of the sun – problems with solar energy

Social support for solar energy is growing everywhere all over the world but problems connected with this clean energy source still occur. In this article we would like to point out 4 most significant ones and discuss them shortly.


1. Ignorance

Nowadays, in the information age, it seems that there should not be any problems with access to knowledge. Numerous opinions under topics connected with solar energy show that many people still do not have even basic information about solar energy. Criticism supported by improper or misrepresented data is still one of the biggest obstacles for worldwide popularization of solar energy.


2. Wrong perception

It is a common opinion that solar energy is as a „trend” or „eco boom” which will soon be over. Partially this is due to ignorance, mentioned in the first point, but also a bad attitude. Happily, both of them are easy to change. All you need to do is to visit one of sites listed below:



or http://www.pv-tech.org/

and see how big changes have happened in solar energy world since the beginning. Moreover, given sites are just a few examples of thousands similar pages. Solar energy industry was not born a year ago, but few decades ago – now it is just experiencing global expansion. Calling it the „eco boom” is really unjustified.


3. „Human factor”

Some problems are directly connected with industries which do not want solar technology to develop. Situation from Poland could be a good example:


This article presents a case of Mr Marcin Mizgalski who decided to invest in his own solar energy installation. He has problems with electricity supplier who makes many difficulties not to let Mr Mizgalski benefit from his installation. Moreover, the company has started to steal electricity produced by his solar system! Such situations could be really discouraging for other people who would like to follow Mr Mizgalski's path.


4. Costs

Common citizen thinks that one can not afford this technology. If you read our article:


you will know how false that impression is. Governmental subsidies, continuously falling prices of solar installation components, and increasing choice of manufacturing companies make investment in solar energy not as scary as it was few years ago. In some countries one can get home installation with very low costs.

What do you think about solar energy now? Are you still unconvinced? If you have any questions regarding solar energy, do not hesitate to ask, we would be glad to answer!


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