World Cup in sunny Brazil even more sunny thanks to solar energy!

Football fans from all over the world are waiting for one of the biggest events in this sport: World Cup in Brazil. This sunny country is not only homeland for many best football players in history, but also it is a first host to use so much solar energy. How it will look like?  


Mineirão – World Cup stadium, which can powered 1,200 households

Why is it so uncommon? Because it is the first stadium using solar technology, which was prepared specially for World Cup. Brazilian government would like to show, that international RES goals are important for them and they would like to promote this innovative source of energy during the football tournament. Six thousand solar panels were installed on the stadium roof that will generate total energy output of 2,5 MW annually. The investment was funded in 80% by German bank. 10% of generated solar energy will be used for needs of the stadium and the rest of it will be directed to a grid. It is the biggest solar facility in the Brazil nowadays.


Yingli Green Energy provides solar energy for Arena Pernambuco

Near the Arena Pernambuco ground-mounted 1 MW installation was placed. This solar plant can be visited by tourists. It contains 3,650 solar panels and will cover 30% of stadium energy demands. This investment meets increasing demand for energy in Latin America. This is an example of developing cooperation between regional companies and biggest world's players, such as Yingli Solar. As Robert Petrina, Yingli Green Energy Americas Managing Director, said: “This landmark project has strengthened our relationship with Grupo Neoenergia, a pioneer in Brazil’s growing solar energy market,” The Estadio do Maracana will have its own solar energy installation of 500kW power. All solar installations built for World Cup in Brazil will be producing 5.4 MW of energy, what is a great start for development of this source of clean energy in the country.


Less optimistic side of World Cup

We would like to mention that „one-third of the countries competing in the FIFA 2014 World Cup are unable to produce as much solar energy as one of the stadiums they are competing on does”. It is sad to hear, but we should remember, that Brazil will make such a great step in developing solar energy industry with support from other countries. This example shows that there are many places where solar energy can't rise without cooperation with developed countries. We hope the global movement of solar energy popularization will provide developing countries with access to this clean energy source in few next years. 


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