3 latest, unusual concepts connected with solar power

Nowadays there are many innovative inventions connected with latest technology development. It's the same thing for new concepts connected with solar power. Last time we mentioned about solar roadways, this time we would like to present to you maybe even larger and more impressive ideas.


Masdar – city of the future

Fully energy independent city in the middle of the desert – that's the conception of Masdar. Idea created and developed since 2006, still astonishes. Planned as city for pedestrians, with only electric and hybrid vehicles. Powered by 90 000 of solar panels, with still rising electricity output. Solar power will be one of RES components of the city, but not the only one.
In the center of Masdar a tower will be constructed, which will drain colder air from above and spread it into city alleys. Such solution will allow for saving up for the air conditioning energy demand. These are only a few examples of possibilities given by this concept. Will it stay only an utopian design, or will it become a reality and in close future we will see an ancestor of future cities generation?
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Floating garden which can clean rivers and oceans

Project of Vincent Callebaut – Belgian architect who creates many innovative concepts as a salvation for future climate refugees. Powered by hydro – turbines and mainly solar panels placed on the ship's roof. Filled with gardens and cleaning water as a bio-filtration floating mechanism.
Whale-shaped floating garden, like other designs of Callebaut, is focused on RES technologies, with significant role of solar power. We hope that those modern concepts from Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea will be implemented someday, helping us in the battle against global climate and ecological changes.
To check more concepts of Belgian architect, visit the webpage below:
Solar power + wind = Solar Wind Downdraft Tower
Solar wind downdraft tower known as „wonder of the modern world”, could be an answer for a clean energy demand. It is also self-sufficient – only 11 percent of generated energy would be needed to drive it to work. How does it work and where could it be placed? You can find it out by watching YT movie below:


Could it really work?

The answer is: yes, it could. How do we know that? Because such attempts has been made before. Similar project, which worked for 7 years, until storm destroyed the tower, was made in Spain In the 1980s. The latest concept of solar wind downdraft tower is of course much more advanced and innovative, but it is based on the same rules of operation.


Next steps in solar power development?

All mentioned inventions look great, but there is the same obstacle on their way... funds. While implementation of solar wind downdraft tower costs 1.5 billion dollars, construction of Masdar - 16 billion dollars (reduced already from planned at start 22 billions), how much would such far-reaching concept as Callebaut's floating garden or his floating city cost? If people already complain about price of standard PV technology, even with latest reduction of it costs, is it possible to accomplish those conceptions? 

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