Do not be fooled – how pricing of PV energy systems really looks like?

Many people complain about PV energy systems price. Is it really such big problem nowadays? Maybe there is a comparison which lets us look on this issue in other, brighter light?


“Why does it cost so much?” - out of date

The answer on this question is pretty simple: because it is still in developing phase. This is nothing strange – all new concepts need time to evolve. In this case PV energy systems need the same – to become a global power (in every meaning of this word) it should be cheaper, more efficient, and available for everyone interested in this innovative technology. We hope that you have noticed that all mentioned factors are increasing with every month...?

2009 – 2011 – what is going on? Price of modules falls down rapidly – from $2, 79 to $1, 59 per watt. How much do they cost today? The correct answer is: even lower. What is more, in 2011 US Energy Department launched SunShot Initiative which main task is to reach a cut of all solar production costs under $ 1per watt until 2020. If USA achieves that, it will be an outstanding result, nailing price for more than 75% since 2010!


Global return

Can we expect that PV energy systems will still develop? Yes, with no doubts. Why are we so sure about this? Because, since the „boom” for RES started, with every passing year new countries and regions have joined it to actively participate. It is no longer only a matter of EU subsidies, „trend” from USA or one of the Chinese economy drivers. Societies and leaders worldwide start to see it as a real chance for improvements.

Some countries would like to get more energy efficiency or power independence, while other want to prevent ecological disasters or to prepare for fossil fuels exhaustion. No matter what their decisions' purpose is, all of them have started to treat PV energy systems seriously. Research and trials of lowering PV costs are made nowadays not only in countries primarily leading in this sector, but in the whole world.


Will you join in?

It should be a leading question for this article, but we have decided to post it at the end. Why? Because the more numerous is our group, the more likely is that we can really change something together. All PV energy concepts have started from units and still the support of every single person matters. We are not saying that you need to buy something, but you can spread words about global changes and boost the impact – it is already enough to start supporting changes. So... Will you join in?

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