We need to change the ways of our energy acquisition – EU dilemmas


Situation in EU starts to be tense. Problems connected with energy independence are getting more serious with every year. What solutions are proposed and are they possible to implement?


Limiting power of gas companies

One of the proposals was to change clauses which are harmful to energy markets in many countries. We should mention here things like making gas price dependent on oil price, for example. Many „laws” created by gas companies should be changed and according to Polish government plan – it could be possible by granting more power for European Commission.

Not all member states would like to follow and support such solution. We can point out Germany which has special relationships with Russia and will not agree with this idea. This fact broke unity of EU in this path and closed the way to receive more balanced agreements with gas companies.


Emphasis on homegrown resources as an energy independence

Another idea, which is considered to be a possible way to resolve energy problem, is to invest in main resources owned by EU member countries. Shale gas is taken into consideration as one of main energy resource. If this idea works, it will be the best way to get independence from external supplies and build strong and stable energy market. Before work ise able to move in this direction, Poland and UK have to make appropriate research in this area.


Where is the place for RES?

Even if EU wants to increase the use of green technologies, there are only a few member states, which refer to energy problems. One of them was Germany, where RES is a very advanced and strongly growing industry. On the other side – Poland (which has a long way to complete EU directives about RES) hinted at this subject only in few words.

Would it mean that RES will not be as important as it has been until now? Probably even in this crisis situation RES will be still one of the main paths of EU policy. We can expect this by drawing conclusions from efforts and declarations in this matter made by powerful and important countries like Germany. Many member states (including Poland) believe that best way to reach strong, independent energy market in Europe is to create energy mix. RES will also share this idea.


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