Interesting solar inventions, part 1.

In this article series we will try to present a couple of most amazing and promising solar inventions, which development can change our world for better. Solar energy it is not only PV panels or collectors, but also those mentioned innovative ideas. Who knows – maybe in future all of us will be using one of them? So, its maybe good time to have a closer look them.


PowerMod – deserter-recovery solar tent

This tent provides enough power for lights, laptops, charging cell phones, etc. It is made from flexible panel PV roof and needs just 2 people to assemble it. Its good solution for crisis situations like natural disasters (flood, earthquake, etc.), when many people lose their homes, or refuges camps. It could be also a useful part of rescue teams equipment, especially when they can't transport victim of accident. It is very possible that shortly we will see this kind of tents in every humanitarian organization, like for example Red Cross, used as one of basic tools to help for affected people.


Solar satellites

NASA have a plan, based on idea of brilliant scientist from the past – Nicola Tesla. They want to make satellite, which could absorb sun's rays, without any interruption from the climate or atmosphere (like in case of PV panels, placed on Earth). It will cost 1 billion $, but the profit will be much bigger. Satellite would be able to shoot generated electricity down to Earth in the form of microwaves. Its efficiency will reach about 5 to 10 gigawatts of energy, so more than needs of whole California state (4,4 gigawatts).


Another NASA invention

Another interesting NASA's concept is one their flight projects. Unmanned, solar-powered plane with morphing shape. The size of it will range from few to hundreds of meters, depending on it mission. It will be able to fly like a bird, according to it energy efficiency and gliding abilities with flapping (wings), to maintain it attitude. When we can expect to see this marvelous technology? According to words of designers team from NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts: "this become a reality within a decade or two".

We hope you like presented ideas and you see (as we do) fast development of solar technology inventions. Soon – another part of our article series.

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