Solar systems – it is easier than you think!

Many people believe that solar systems and everything connected with it is an area reserved for professionals. Nothing could be more wrong. Nowadays, with the access to the Internet there is no problem in find information we are interested in. In this article I would like to present some information and to some wrongly viewed aspects. This will help you take right decision about getting or not your solar energy installation.


"Eco fever"

Commonly there is a belief, that promotion of solar technology is kind of „fashion” for ecological solutions. With no doubt ignorance in this matter contributes to this opinion. Yes, philosophy of renewable energy derives from ecology, which is trying to minimize consumption of resources such as: gas, oil and coal, but it is by no means exhaustive. Nowadays main (or even most) part of solar energy users decide to install solar systems for more pragmatic reasons. From private homeowners, through small and big companies, to public institutions – many people noticed potential in this technology to earn or save moneys and – in the same time – to limit a pollutions emission. Believe it or not – any kind of fashion wouldn't have such a great influence on such big and differentiated group of recipients – but ordinary calculation of profits and losses has made it.


Solar systems – “Clear” profit

Thanks to adoption of EU and many other international organizations of common renewable energy resources policy, difficulties standing on the way for people who want to invest in this technology, are decreasing every year. Numerous funding systems, releases from tax, special government tariffs in many countries – it's only few of the reasons which are making the decision much easier. Decreasing prices of solar systems installation and competition on the market, had dropped prices – these are other aspects which influenced growth of popularity of this kind of energy acquisition. We should also add (with the completion of our investment) – being in possession of our own, self-sufficient source of energy (in favorable conditions making us completely independent from using state or private company source of energy,), with possibility of its exploitation, selling it and tax subtraction – that sounds pretty good, don't you think?


Myths and facts

Often, because of lack of proper information, many people keep things in wrong perspective when it comes to solar energy. Is it determined by incorrect stereotypes. Here you have some examples of them:

1) “If I live in a country, where sun doesn't shine intensively all year round, I will not get real profits” - it is not true. Regardless of sun isolation degree, season, etc., panels always generate energy. The greatest impact on the amount of generated energy have factors which we can control by choosing: a type of panels, area that these panels cover and their arrangement.

2) “Investment costs are so high, therefore there is no sense to attempt it” - another myth maintained by malcontents. If we really want to make efforts in order to have our own solar installation (including for example grants mentioned before), investment will be return completely (even paid with great dividends) over the next few years.

3) “Getting grants or getting information how to gain them is unachievable” - with this attitude you will not get anything, not only grants. This matter is seemingly difficult, with access to all needed information on the internet, almost in each country there are companies, which include in their offer aid to get grants for their clients and guarantee 100% effectiveness at the same time. All needed is your good will.

4) “Solar system market is only a temporary “trend”, linked with “eco - fever” - nothing could be more wrong. This new sector of economy has been growing very fast. Since the begging of 21st century its financial potential has increased by 40% annually along with the number of customers and companies working in the field of solar market. Lots of information on this subject can resolve doubts thoroughly.

We should also mention that over the next few years or even decades a permanent, dynamic growth of solar energy market is predicted, in both scales: particular countries and whole world. As we can see now – solar systems are in good condition and it is going to be much better!


Closing thoughts

To close the subject, I will add that I find statistics about solar systems unnecessary to mention in this article, mainly because of one reason – they are available on other websites and they easily could confirm our points. Just google it and you will find it forward-looking to become interested in this subject and to invest in solar technologies. The same applies to being in possession of solar installation - all needed is your good will. In next articles we will try to bring you information about European and world grants as well as – cost-effectiveness of solar installations.

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