Solar energy conspiracy theory – RES in Poland

It seems that problems connected with RES law in Poland haven't ended yet – bill still has not been released. In the meantime the report about Polish coal sector and high government subsidies was published. What these things mean for solar energy in Poland?

Summary of the latest solar energy news

Great changes in the solar energy world continue – news about new projects and increasing solar installations capacity come from every corner of the world. Let's take a closer look into plans of some of the most progressive countries in solar energy investments nowadays. 

China as an innovative solar solution giant

All of us know that China is a huge manufacturer of solar systems and their components. There is also another aspect of solar energy development in this region of the world no less important than its big manufacturing power.

Ford C-MAX Solar Energi Concept – solar car of the future?

Do you remember Pure Tension Pavilion made by Volvo company? In this article we would like to show you the latest solar invention created by Ford. Maybe this will be one of the keys to our “clean” future?

Interesting solar inventions, part 2.

Is it possible to create plane, which will not produce any pollution? French designer Daphnis Fournier claims that is possible. She has developed a plane, entirely powered by electricity. 

Interesting solar inventions, part 1.

In this article series we will try to present a couple of most amazing and promising solar inventions, which development can change our world for better. Solar energy it is not only PV panels or collectors, but also those mentioned innovative ideas. Who knows – maybe in future all of us will be using one of them? So, its maybe good time to have a closer look them.

Pure tension pavilon – unique PV technology.

New sollution, bright future of communication and PV technology, or just interesting idea? Is it really unique technology? Pure tension pavilon – can it change our world?

Interesting solar inventions – future of technology?

Most of us have heard about PV panels, solar collectors and solar heating/cooling systems. But have you ever heard about solar roads, 3000 kilometers solar car races or independent, solar – powered streetlight? So, maybe it is a right time to check some new information from world of solar energy?

Solar systems – it is easier than you think!

Many people believe that solar systems and everything connected with it is an area reserved for professionals. Nothing could be more wrong. Nowadays, with the access to the Internet there is no problem in find information we are interested in. In this article I would like to present some information and to some wrongly viewed aspects. This will help you take right decision about getting or not your solar energy installation.

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