World Cup in sunny Brazil even more sunny thanks to solar energy!

Football fans from all over the world are waiting for one of the biggest events in this sport: World Cup in Brazil. This sunny country is not only homeland for many best football players in history, but also it is a first host to use so much solar energy. How it will look like?

Do not be fooled – how pricing of PV energy systems really looks like?

Many people complain about PV energy systems price. Is it really such big problem nowadays? Maybe there is some comparision, which let us to look on this issue in other, brighter light?

Ideas for utilization of solar energy – examples from around the word

Many different ideas connected with economy, energy efficiency, inventions are good examples of how investing in solar energy development is popular nowadays. Some of them you can find in the text below. 

Facebook, Google and Ikea acknowledged solar inventions usage benefits

Leading companies decide to invest in solar inventions on higher scale. They plan to connect them with strategies of saving or earning big money. You think that biggest players can be wrong in their invesments?

Solar panels in Antarctica?

Many people don't believe in future of solar energy. Meanwhile solar energy market is becoming bigger and getting wider range of the world's influence. It's even starting to conquer Antarctica!

Latest PV panels technology

Solar technology goes further with every year. We described basic types of PV panels in previous article, this time we would like to present you the lastest invention in PV technology – DSC cells, called III generation of PV cells.

CPV as a next step of PV installations development?

CPV – Concentrated Photovoltaic is not the latest invention in solar energy world, but it is surely one of the most dynamic growing branches of this market.

Stadium or solar power station?

Kaohsiung Stadium – one of the most interesting and innovative buildings in the world and also - solar power station. Why is it so unique? Could it be a new standard in construction?

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