Biggest solar thermal plant in the world is already working!

Solar world enters new year with big impact - Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System in California has been ready for use since yesterday. It's the biggest solar thermal plant in the world, which has 30% of all US solar thermal energy and can bring power to 140 000 of nearby households by generating 392 MW of power. It consists of 300 000 mirrors controlled by computer, which is 7 feet high and 10 feet wide. They are redirecting sun power to three 459-foot towers.

The Fourth Revolution – movie about RES

This time we would like to propose you an interesting and inspiring movie about RES*. It's not the latest production, but we believe that it's worth to watch it. You can find the link to the film and more information about it in the article below.

Interesting solar inventions, part 3.

Third part of article series devoted to inventions connected with solar power usage. This time we would like to present some examples of using solar technology in nanotechnology and medicine.

You don’t believe in „green” future with RES? Google does!

Many people regard RES “boom” as a some kind of fashion, which will end soon. They don't believe, that it is really pragmatic, future and profitable way of life. But, if its not – why such giant and modern company as Google decide to go in this direction?

PV panels as solution for energy problems of African countries.

African energy crisis is one of the biggest problems of this region. Most popular kerosene as lighting and electric energy source is still too expensive for people living on this continent. Development of solar energy systems could be best way for satisfy energy demand of Africa.


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