RES law in Poland will be implemented in 2016?

In our last article we were wondering, when we can expect RES law in our country. It seems, that we have the answer now – answer, which does not bode well for solar energy in Poland. 

Solar energy conspiracy theory – RES in Poland

It seems that problems connected with RES law in Poland haven't ended yet – bill still has not been released. In the meantime the report about Polish coal sector and high government subsidies was published. What these things mean for solar energy in Poland?

Summary of the latest solar energy news

Great changes in the solar energy world continue – news about new projects and increasing solar installations capacity come from every corner of the world. Let's take a closer look into plans of some of the most progressive countries in solar energy investments nowadays. 

UK starts to appreciate solar energy benefits

United Kingdom is at the beginning of big changes – solar energy is becoming more and more popular. According to ideas of energy and climate change minister Greg Barker, solar importance could be even more far, than anyone expected.

Facebook, Google and Ikea acknowledged solar inventions usage benefits

Leading companies decide to invest in solar inventions on higher scale. They plan to connect them with strategies of saving or earning big money. You think that biggest players can be wrong in their invesments?

Review of news from solar world technology

In this article we would like to share with you some from the latest news from solar world technology. You can find out, what interesting recently happens in development of solutions for solar industry. If they will be future tools, which will be supporting bigger efficiency and harvest of solar energy?

Solar systems as a tourist attractions?

Solar installations – everyone knows what profit they make: reduction of CO2 emission, creating new jobs, providing a new stimulus in technology development, gradual change of course towards ecological sources of generating energy. It is easy to overlook the issue of changes which are brought into landscape, where they are installed. Can we treat solar systems only as foreign elements disfiguring natural beauty of environment or maybe on the contrary – they are harmonious complements of its values? What are other possible ways of using this innovative energy sources?

Halfway to solar energy systems 100% efficiency?

 Solar energy starts to conquering the world's RES market – constantly dropping prices and growing efficiency acquire for it interest of common man. Subsidies making also great impact on decisions about purchase, but maybe in the close future – they won't be even any longer needed?

Collectors subisidy and installation process: before audit

One of the most common reasons why people want to give up solar energy investment are: high price, complicated subsidy process and uncertain profits from obtaining this kind of energy. Are those arguments right – check it by yourself, following collectors installation process „step by step”.

Solar energy and space technology

Solar energy and space technology – two fields of science development which can be a chance for brighter future of mankind. Both of them brings innovative solutions which are used in other areas. For some time there have been efforts to combine to reach new quality in our technology evolution. How? - check it yourself

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