Dark side of the sun – problems with solar energy

Social support for solar energy is growing everywhere all over the world but problems connected with this clean energy source still occur. In this article we would like to point out 4 most significant ones and discuss them shortly.

You think you can’t afford for solar energy? Think again.

As the biggest problem in solar energy case (and whole RES) people often pointing is a cost of clean energy installations. Is there really no way, which can reduce a cost of such systems? Look closer for examples mentioned by us and decided by yourself.

World Cup in sunny Brazil even more sunny thanks to solar energy!

Football fans from all over the world are waiting for one of the biggest events in this sport: World Cup in Brazil. This sunny country is not only homeland for many best football players in history, but also it is a first host to use so much solar energy. How it will look like?

3 latest, unusual concepts connected with solar power

Nowadays there are many innovative inventions connected with latest technology development. Not otherwise sittuation presents in new concepts connected with solar power. Last time we mentioned about solar roadways, this time we would like to present you maybe even larger and more impressive ideas. 

Solar roadways will lead us to brighter future?

It is commonly known how fast solar energy market is growing. There is a lot of investments in this sector each year. Latest inventions also show how perspective this source of energy. Below you can find one of the most interesting examples.

Do not be fooled – how pricing of PV energy systems really looks like?

Many people complain about PV energy systems price. Is it really such big problem nowadays? Maybe there is some comparision, which let us to look on this issue in other, brighter light?

Ideas for utilization of solar energy – examples from around the word

Many different ideas connected with economy, energy efficiency, inventions are good examples of how investing in solar energy development is popular nowadays. Some of them you can find in the text below. 

Review of latest news from world of solar energy

The impact of solar energy on the world is still growing. Today we will mention examples of solar energy usage from several places all over the globe. Just look how many things are to achieve thanks to solar technology implementation!

We need to change the ways of our energy acquisition – EU dilemmas

Situation in EU starts to be tense. Problems connected with energy independence are still more serious with every year. What solutions are proposed and are they possible to implement? 

China as a rescue for solar energy in Poland?

China – one of the world's top economc giants would like to help in development of solar energy market in Poland. Why and how does it plan to do this? Which problems occur on the way of this idea? 

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