PV panels as solution for energy problems of African countries.

Electricity in USA and UK cost about 10-15 cents per kWh, when kerosene cost per kWh energy in rural village of Kenya is 8 $. Even 30% of typical African family income is spent on kerosene. Cost of charging mobile phone is even 400 times bigger in Africa, than in USA. This is tremendous difference. Cost of standard PV panels systems is still too high (starting at 50$) for common user in Africa. “The poorest people in the world are not just paying a bit more for their energy, they’re paying a disproportionate amount” - as said Simon Bransfield-Garth, CEO of Azuri Technologies. How then PV panels can change hard life of African countries inhabitants?


Solution models

There are two general ideas, which can help for spreading PV panels among poor citizens of African countries:

a) Azuri Technologies suggest Pay-As-You-Go model (PAYG), offering PV panels installation which contains 2-5 watt solar panel and a control unit that powers LED lights and charges devices like mobile phones at cost (about 10$). It costs less than half price of kerosene weekly and is activated by code from buying scratch-off cards, send to the company via an SMS message. Customers receive another code from Azuri Technologies, which they enter in their PV panels system.

b) Angaza Design propose mobile phone authenticate transaction, based on M-KOPA system (which is variant of M-PESA mobile payment network).

Both ideas are already popular: Azuri get over 21 000 customers, Angaza – 30 000 and they are both spreading over the continent by word of mouth advertisement, which acquires them still larger group of clients.


Every one in the world deserves for worthy and happily life - future of PV panels in Africa

It is very possible, that in period of few years PV panels systems will be one of the main energy sources in Africa. It is not only cheap, clean and available energy, but also – healthy. Comparing to kerosene source, which contributes to lung cancers, it don't affect human body. Kerosene is also flammable, so its really dangerous for African households. To develop of PV panels popularity contributes not only word of mouth advertisement, but also activity of many organizations, such as http://www.solar-aid.org/ and many others, fighting for brighter future for people in Africa.



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