Interesting solar inventions, part 2.


Sun powered planes

Is it possible to create plane, which will not produce any pollution? French designer Daphnis Fournier claims that is possible. She has developed a plane, entirely powered by electricity. Its construction is quite simple: wings of the machine would be connected with air-filled balloon, placed above body of the plain and covered by PV panels. Air in balloon would reduce energy losses. All needed energy will be gather by flying above the clouds and during the night plane will be using energy stored during the day.


Solar powered bags and backpacks

You like contact with wild nature, but you also like listening your favorite music during walking through forest or mountain climbing? Did you experienced problems with discharged batteries? Then, solar powered backpacks is a solution for you. Solar panels fitted bags will recharge your batteries, mobile phone, cameras, mp3 player or laptop – you can again record your trip, listen to the music, or make a phone call and still be online on Facebook, sharing your impressions with friends. Your backpack can generate 4 watts of energy and store excess power in battery, then even if you are not under sun – power is still available.


Solar powered street lights

It is well known and popular way of using solar energy, but this time we would like to present other, interesting type of this invention. Solar butterfly LED lights – it is quite new and atypical method of using solar energy, but – it makes an impression! It is perfect decoration to your garden – it stores energy during the day and automatically turns on sunset, shining and changing colors to blue, green, yellow and red lights, creating magic atmosphere in your garden. Solar butterfly is great addition to yard of every hobbyist, who wants to make space near households original and beautiful.

Another part of interesting solar inventions will come soon. This time we will present some examples of using solar energy in medicine and nanotechnology.


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