China as an innovative solar solution giant

All of us know that China is a huge manufacturer of solar systems and their components. There is also another aspect of solar energy development in this region of the world no less important than its big manufacturing power.


Dezhou - "capital" of solar systems

One of the most interesting places in China is city of Dezhou, which could be example of practical use of solar solutions. It's located in Shandong province and it is called China's Solar Valley. It was founded by Himin Solar Energy Group - the biggest manufacturer of solar water heating systems in the world. We can find there Solar University, hotels powered by solar energy, thousands street lights equipped with PV panels, many modern, low- emission villas, Himin technology hall, solar „Great Wall” and much more. One of the most interesting places in Dezhou is Solar China Loong - Utopia Garden, which was created with cooperation of Mr. Kornes Blok, winner of Nobel Peace Prize. Another inspiring object is Solar Shell, which is used as International Conference Center.


Solar Egg

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What was the inspiration to implement such innovative and huge investment? As Huang Mind, chairman of Himin Solar Energy Group, said,:
„It all began with my daughter... next generations and daughter of my daughter will have neither oil nor coal and they will go back to ancient times and may not survive...” (hearing transcription)
If you would like to get more information about this incredible Chinese city, we recommend you official site of Dezhou (english version):

You may also enjoy the movie about China, where you can find also short trip through Dezhou (minut 9-14):


China – solar industry giant

No matter what we think about pollution issued by China, we need to admit: it's one of the most innovative countries in the world. It has also another, great advantage mentioned by movie reporter: „just like everything else, they are doing it on giant scale” - regardless which topic it concerns – manufacture, but also - implementing solar technology (Dezhou is one of the best examples).


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